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   A. Projects 21/22


  1. Jockey Club Wellbeing Initiative 

  2. Student Mental Health Support Scheme

  3. Students Gatekeeper Training Programme

  4. Project of Healthy Teenager

  5. Project A.I.

B. Caring and Guidance Programmes
  1. Whole school programmes

  • Back-to-School Celebration

  • Kick-off Ceremony of Campus Theme

  • Day for You

  • 3-min Breathing Exercise

  • Mindfulness Tasting Class

  • Praising Our Students Campaign 

   2. Form-based programmes

C. Leadership Schemes

  1. Guidance Prefect Scheme

  2. Positive Ambassador Scheme

D. Counselling Groups/ Therapeutic Groups
  1. Advanced Mindfulness Training (.b Training)

  2. Horticultural Group

  3. Kpop Dance Group

  4. Art Therapy

  5. Time Management Group

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